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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions that our coordinators most often get regarding our programs. If you have questions beyond what is answered here, we encourage you to find the appropriate coordinator from the programs section and send them an email directly.  Also check out our Travel Soccer FAQs if you have questions about our Travel program.

How long is the season?

The Spring Session runs from early April to the end of May. The Fall Session runs from early September to the end of October. Both sessions can be impacted by inclement weather conditions where games are cancelled and rescheduled.

Travel seasons tend to run a little differently (start earlier and end later) but these are the general timeframes of play.

How many games are there in a season?

For in-house soccer, each team gets 8 games per session.

Travel soccer is dependent upon the Age Group Coordinators (AGC) at PAWest that do all of the scheduling.

How much does it cost (in-house)?

The cost per player for in-house program is always subject to change (site last updated 7/2022).  Currently it is $75 per session which does not include the uniform. The uniform is a reversible jersey ($22), purple socks ($8) and black shorts ($18). You will also need cleats, shin guards, and a size 3 soccer ball which you can usually get in a bundle from local retailers (i.e. Dick's). The club also sometimes has used stuff on hand for folks that need it (via the "trade in" program detailed below).

For information on cost of travel soccer, please reach out to our travel coordinator ([email protected]) for assistance.

When are games and practices?

For In-house Soccer, the games are on Saturday's usually in the morning or early afternoon at Larry Mills Community Park in Plum. Teams practice one night a week and the day/time is picked by the coach so you will find out what night after you are placed on a roster.

Travel Soccer games are generally on Sunday afternoons at various locations with teams practicing twice a week on coach's nights of choice.

What happens if my practice night conflicts with another activity?

Due to the fact that coaches choose the practice nights, we really cannot guarantee this won't happen. If you know ahead of time what night is bad for you, then you can send a request to the coordinator of your age group and request them to consider this as they build the rosters (still no guarantees). If you get on a team that practices the same night as another activity, it's possible to switch your team around post-rosters being distributed, but this is at coordinator's discretion and again, not guaranteed. In other words, we do our best to resolve conflicts.  In a worst case scenario, Plum Area Soccer can refund your registration fee if there is no way to make it work out.

Can my son/daughter be placed on a specific team (coach or another player)?

The official answer is, we don't take requests at Plum Area Soccer.  However, the coordinators do try to accommodate reasonable requests when they make sense (via email). The last thing we want is a stacked team that just goes out there any destroys everyone else. But in cases where you need to carpool with a friend/neighbor, then that makes sense and we do our best to build rosters accordingly.

How do I register?

Registration is all done online via this very website.  Click on Register or Login at the top right of the page and you will be taken into our registration system.

What forms of payment are accepted?

All registrations are done online and we accept PayPal only (which is free to everyone). If you have a special case where you cannot use PayPal, you can reach out to our registrar at [email protected] who can assist with a different form of payment.

How/where do I purchase a uniform?

Uniforms are available for purchase on our website at (uniforms section). Orders are placed online and then picked up at times designated by the club (usually announced via email). You can also visit our uniform table at the Parent Meeting to check out sizes and then place your order online later. If you place an order online and end up with the wrong size, you can always trade them in with the uniform coordinator for the correct size at any time.

We recognize that kids at this age are growing like crazy and therefore the club does a "trade-in" program for cleats (and sometimes other equipment) as a way to assist our members with this problem. If you have used but still usable cleats, drop them off at the shed for others to utilize rather than throwing them away. If you want to see if any "trade in" stuff is available in your size, stop by the shed and someone will point you to the area where the "trade-in" stuff is located.

What's up with the raffle tickets I got in my packet?

The raffle tickets are a way of off-setting the cost of soccer. We hold a drawing at the end of each session and usually give away $250+ to 3 lucky winners! Selling the tickets is a completely voluntary thing. If you choose to sell raffle tickets, simply sell them for $1 each and have the recipient fill in the details on the ticket for you to turn in to your team parent (or the concession stand) by the designated date. Should you choose not to sell the tickets, why not fill them in for yourself and try to win some cash?!

How do I purchase Plum Soccer apparel that I've seen people wearing around the fields?

We generally do apparel sales at the beginning of each session with the items being offered through our online store. Be on the lookout for emails and details on our website advertising the sales. You can also stop by the concession stand and see if they have anything in your size from previous sales.

How do I know if the fields are closed?

As of 2022, we are utilizing TeamSnap for all league communications.  Therefore if the fields are closed you will get an email and/or push notification from TeamSnap. 

What program will my child play in?

The easiest and most effective way to find out this information is by logging in to our registration system, adding your child, and then checking what programs are available. Plum Area Soccer is affiliated with PAWest and US Youth Soccer therefore we follow their guidance on age groupings which is done by birth year. Visit their age group matrix page for information about the groupings.

I'm having trouble with TeamSnap, how do I get help?

For all assistance with TeamSnap regarding your Plum Soccer Teams, please reach out to our web director at [email protected]. If your issue relates to receiving your invite email, don't forget to check your junk or spam folder first.


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